4 Great Father's Day Gift Ideas

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Dad's are one of the all-important bridges between Grandmas and Grandkids, so of course here at Grandmas2Share we need to make sure that Dad gets recognized this weekend. That's why we've compiled a few great ideas for Father's Day gifts. 

  1. What We Love About Dad craft - Have you got a few popsicle sticks, glue, markers, and paper hanging around the house? (If you're short on popsicle sticks, well, it's summer, so just feed them to the kids!) Then you can make this easy craft, letting Dad know all the things we love about him! Each kid can make one or they can compile a list together.
  2. Football Coasters - Is Dad a sports nut? Does he love beer? Let's be real - those two things are true about ALL Dads! That's why these football leather coasters make a great gift. Wrap them up for dad with a six pack and let him relax with a cold one.
  3. Funny Cufflinks - If Dad has to get dressed up for work, cufflinks are a great way to add some silly flair to his wardrobe. You can find a wide variety of cufflinks online or maybe buy plain ones and glue pieces from the kids' favorite games to them for a personal touch.
  4. Dinner With Grandma - Whether Dad's Grandma is near or far or just his guiding star, you know he has fond memories of Grandma's recipes. Cook him up one of his favorites and invite the Grandmas in your life - or bring him one of ours! After all, even Dad deserves the love of a Grandma!

What are you doing for Father's Day this year? Comment below!