Our Story

My NiNi...Marguerite Cicero Urgo
My NiNi...Marguerite Cicero Urgo
Grandmas2Share came to be after the birth of my daughter. I had already had my son, but by the time I had my daughter, I was really missing my grandmas. I lost my grandmothers before either of them got to meet my children.

NINI was my mother's mother. She loved cooking and spending time with her family.  She ADORED her grandchildren, and playing with all the grandchildren in the family was her favorite pastime! In her last years, seeing them was the only thing that made her smile. I know she would have loved my children just as much as I do!

My MaMu...Margaret Masterpalo DeLisa
MAMU was my father's mother. Her name was Margaret, which was shortened to Maggie, which her grandchildren interpreted as "Mamu". Upon hearing I was pregnant, she immediately began knitting sweaters for her new great-grandchild to be! We were beginning to plan a trip to see her for his first birthday, but she passed away when he was six months old. While raising my children, not a day goes by without a reminder of my grandmothers. Something my children will say or do will have me stop and think, "My grandmothers would've gotten such a kick out of them!" I believe there is something very special about a grandmother's love. If only a child could feel the love of a grandma, even if only through their imagination and a doll, their world will be a better place. Finally, I decided to "recreate" my grandmothers in the form of dolls! When I told my children about my project and sketched out the prototype, they immediately fell in love with them. My daughter said, "I WISH THEY WERE REALLY HERE!" Then she drew her "grandma" for my book cover and Grandmas2Share was born! From that moment, I knew the rest of the world needed to feel what my children were feeling and what I felt as a child, being fortunate enough to know both of my grandmothers. Now, ALL children can know them too!