Grandmas2Share is growing!

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There’s been so much going on here at Grandmas2Share in the last few months!

 If you haven’t heard or seen, we were on a new competition reality television series called “The Toy Box” on the ABC network, airing right before Shark Tank. (Coincidence? I think not.) It’s a new show for toy inventors to compete to have their toy brought to market by Mattel!

 Here’s the link if you’re interested:



We didn't win, BUT...we did make it to the finals, and we did make it into The Toy Box, so there’s a plus!

It brought a lot of hits to our newly remodeled website and new orders!

 Although it was a great experience, I only wish they would’ve shown what actually happened without so much editing.

I received a lot of emails and texts with questions about the dolls. They didn’t air the part where the kids were squeezing the doll’s hand to hear it talk or reading the book aloud to each other. There were many sweet moments that were left out as well. One of the kids was hugging and rocking the doll saying how it reminded him of his grandma! It was so heartwarming to see….and then so disheartening to NOT see! 

 I’ve had a lot of suggestions and requests for my new “grandmas” coming out this year. If you’d like a sneak peek, you can check out our homepage.

 I had a lot of my family and friends over for a “premier party” because, well, how often am I going to be on national television, right?

 Overall, it was a great night even though I didn’t win. The exposure brought awareness to the company and the importance of having a Grandmas2Share doll. The messages I received after the show aired showed me there is a need to have a grandma doll!

 Also, having the support of my family and friends was a win in itself!

 Until next time…hug your grandma!