Money Court!

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Grandmas2share was featured on Money Court on CNBC on December 21, 2022. We appeared on Season 2, Episode 5, “Betting the House”.

Bethenny Frankel, and Mr. Wonderful himself, Kevin, O’Leary, absolutely loved the dolls and the idea! (In case you missed it, you can catch the episode on YouTube!)

I had to put Kevin in his place by warning him, “Don’t tell me to take it to the back of the barn and shoot it, because I’m not!”

Thankfully, he agreed!

Bethenny absolutely loved the dolls and asked to keep one for her daughter Brynn, to wish I obliged. She also said I was, “A great sales person!”

It was an absolutely incredible experience to meet such great minds. It was a successful show for them as well, as it was rated the number 3 show on CNBC for this season!

They must’ve really enjoyed having us because they asked us back for Season 3!

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